The Company

My-Team is a company that was founded in Barcelona with the support of SDAA diseño Barcelona.

My-Team is the only platform that can count on the most advanced technology for creating your Sticker Card album.

Through its exclusive albums, My-Team offers all teams, in a fun and original manner, the ability of creating their own league albums.

Whatever your sport, we have your custom album.

My-Team albums are created using the best technology along with with the highest quality printing and detailing in Spain, and also with the support and collaboration of the best team of professionals.

We hope that you enjoy this fabulous collection that will provide fond memories of your team and league.

Those of us at My-Team would like to thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us, and remember that every year, the league and My-Team are behind you.

My-Team contributes to the Inspirasia Foundation, with the intent of helping the most underprivileged.